Calling all artists…

As you might have noticed, I’m a big fan of spicing up the walls of text I produce with artwork based on ASOIAF.

Now while I’m a crafty cat, I can’t “do” art for love nor money. So…

I will always give credit to artists where known, and link to the place I found the image via Googling if I can’t see an artist name. 

But more importantly….

Anyone want to draw up a nice header for me? 

I’ve played around with a few of the saved images I have and I can’t really find one that works with this format. Of all the various WordPress themes I’ve tried, I think this is the one that I like the most, in terms of clear layout and readability. But the House banners header doesn’t quite work.

Drop me a line if you’ve got something – we can work out a suitable arrangement in terms of payment or credit.

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