This blog is what happens when a lawyer is unemployed for a long time, has finished her postgraduate education and needs something other than knitting and cats to occupy her time until she gets another job.

I aim to provide thoughtful and well analysed blogs about George RR Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire.

I will probably end up just fanwanking on ad nauseum….

Either way, hopefully you will find it entertaining or at least interesting.

I do more serious, professional blogging about plain language and good communication in another blog.

Alice and Bucky (R & L) supervise my attempts to get my shit together and this blog. I wholeheartedly blame them and their paws for any random typos, as they often wander across the laptop when I’ve been blogging for too long and not playing with the kitties.

When I grow up I want to be a self-sufficient lady of leisure, whose writings are sought out by movers and shakers of politics and law…. but in the meantime I’ll keep bouncing from job to job, struggling to balance borderline personality disorder with a legal profession full of stigma and discrimination against mental illness.

I’m aiming to move from legal practice to legal or political academia, perhaps by way of a PhD in the near future. If that doesn’t pan out, perhaps I’ll do a Master of Something Else to go with my Master of Laws (recently completed) and try to crack into not for profit executive management. Or maybe the Bar. I dunno.


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