House Targaryen, dragonriding and genetics

A popular belief amongst fans, perpetuated by commentary from characters in the books to show that it is widely believed in-universe, is that House Targaryen only ever practised incestuous marriage.

They certainly were fond of incest, and this was because of their Valyrian heritage. More particularly, their dragonriding heritage. This recently came up on /r/asoiaf where a new fan believed they had cracked a theory, but it’s actually just stated directly in the text: the dragonlords practised incest to maintain their ability to control their dragons.

What is not stated is why this was necessary, but from what we do know about taming dragons, there is more than a component of blood magic. But it’s not always necessary.

That’s the why. This blog is about the who.

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Blood magic and weirwoods: did Bran consume something more than weirwood paste?


Art by Marc Simonetti, via Google search and 

Bran, who by the end of ADWD is still only about 9-10 years old, goes through some pretty confronting stuff in ASOIAF.

Pushed out a window, left paraplegic in a society where physical disability was considered a condemnation of one’s masculinity and capacity to be a lord or knight, and charged with a metaphysical mission to go into the least hospitable climate in Westeros to seek out the semi-mythical Children of the Forest.

But he does it! You go Bran!

But what else does he do on this journey? Eat people. Possibly more than once.

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