The Plodder’s Guide to Westeros’ Rulers

The title of this post is an homage to a former colleague, who used to do a professional development training lecture every year or so which he dubbed “the plodder’s guide to bail applications” – meaning that there is no great secret to a bail application, you can do a legally perfect one and be denied bail, or do a legally wobbly one and get bail for your client.

This is my plodder’s guide to the Kings and Queens of the Iron Throne of Westeros. Because frankly…. I frequently get totally confused, so if nothing else I’d like a short list for future reference just for myself!

This won’t be any detailed character analysis: just a dot point guide to the rulers of Westeros, from Aegon the Conqueror to Tommen the Beetslayer.

Fair warning: this is a long post. It got away from me when trying to figure out the Dance of the Dragons! 

I have also highlighted the moments of royal history that provide the relevant law to the Iron Throne’s succession – because this is going to be relevant to future plot points. Tommen is likely to die before he produces any “Baratheon” heirs, and then the realm will have to grapple with a field of potential applicants for the Throne – many of them women or girls.

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The problem of “Aegon” VI


‘Aegon’/Young Griff and Jon Connington/Griff by Steamey on Deviant Art

If ASOIAF is an epic, then AGOT-ASOS was Act 1.

AFFC/ADWD brought on a new set of themes and characters, as we stopped the unrelenting pace that characterised the first three books, and paused for a breather before the War for Dawn (that 95% of characters have no clue is coming….)

I know AFFC has its critics, but I actually quite enjoyed it. I liked the chance to see what happens to the people of a land after a devastating civil war. I mean, I wanted to point Brienne in the direction of the Vale after the umpteenth time she asked if anyone had seen a maid of ten and three, red of hair and blue of eyes…

But ADWD brought in a new player for the game of thrones, Young Griff, the alias being used to hide a boy who is purported to be Aegon VI Targaryen, son of Rhaegar and Elia, heir to the Iron Throne.

Who is he? But more importantly, why are two men from Essos so invested in getting him on the Iron Throne?

TLDR: it doesn’t matter if “Aegon” himself is a Blackfyre/Brightflame or not, but if Varys and/or Illyrio have some kind of familial connection to the ousted lines of the Targaryens, that makes their motivation to put a puppet dragon on the Iron Throne make far more sense.

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